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Naum Faiq on Mar Shimon

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Mar Shimon Benyamen and the publisher Naum Faiq

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This is the lamentation of Naum Faiq on the assassination of Mar Shimon Benyamen the Patriarch of the Church of the East on March 16, 1918, by Kurdish warlord Simko Agha Shikaki. The Patriarch was a guest at Simko’s home when he was shot on his back. Naum Faiq, the editor of Bethnahrin, wrote this poem and read it himself in the church during the service organized on the soul of Mar Shimon in Yonkers city few days after the assassination:


Today a mighty worrier fell among the Assyrians

On the sadness of his fall the earth laments

With immeasurable tears in the eyes, and grief in the hearts

For the offspring of iniquity betrayed Mar Shimun the Catholicos.


What is this grievous news that has fallen upon our ears?

That the devils have assassinated our praised father in treachery

Is this a hallucination sent upon us?

Or is it a dream that troubles our eased mind?


Yes we read in the Newspapers that the Kurds assassinated Mar Shimun

Our eyes dimmed, our emotions moved and we were shocked greatly.

Woe to the oppressors that paid their neighbours back in evil.

Instead of tranquillity and in exchange of our goodwill, they faced us with the Sword.


The Shepherd was smitten the flock too was scattered

Our mind was paralysed due to this news full of tragedy.

The earth quaked and heavens quivered because of this account

Today the head of the church was assassinated by the sword of the damned.


A valiant man, a warrior and a good shepherd

Sacrificed his life for the sake of his flock with a rejoicing heart

Manifested himself as a hero in this war

It is an astonishing affair; he mocked death for the sake of his nation.


For his country he offered himself as a perfect sacrifice

He became an example for martyrdom and fashioned its form

For him lament all that are in heavens and earth

Because Mar Shimun was assassinated by the treachery and ill-will of the unfaithful.


Lament and cry O Assyrians for our leader has fallen

And in the darkness of Kurdishness our sun has set

Until when will these savages trudge on our sanctuaries?

And increase our pain and add more torment on our suffering.


O Assyrians shed tears for our crown has fallen

Our light dimmed our dawn dusked and our torch extinguished

By his assassination the wormwood was prepared and our aspiration turned bitter

Again our people are oppressed and our fence destroyed, pillaged and ruined.


Grief prevails over the world today due to the news of your death

Your memory shall never depart from among us

Sadness and grief surround us because of your separation

Forever your memory will be praised in our hearts


Because of your death Assyrianity is covered in mourning

Because to us, your Assassination is an incurable wound

If Kurdishness rejoices today over your death

Our lord is ready to revenge your blood in justice tomorrow.


Translated by: Nineb Lamassu