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Kurdish betrayal of Assyrians continues

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 The commanders of the Assyrian Guards of Khabur, Syria: Elyas Nasser, heavily wounded, and David Jendo murdered by Kurdish YPG militia.

Kurdish leaders continue with political killings against their allied Assyrian leaders. Simko, Barzani and YPG - all have cleared away Assyrian front figures for the same purpose; To expel the Assyrians and take over their country. AssyriaTV has now published a confirmation that the murder of David Jendo in Khabur was a commissioned work by the PKK daughter organization in Syria.

After the terror organization IS expelled the Assyrians in Iraq and Syria from their homes, the Kurds in Western eyes have come to be presented as the Assyrians single patron. Kurdish commentators in Sweden claim that without KRG's, or YPG's help ISIS would have annihilated  Assyrians. Recently a Kurdish guerrilla soldier from Sweden wrote this: "In Sweden, many Assyrians criticize Kurdish forces, but on location in the Middle East Assyrians are crying with joy when they see us on the spot." Kurdish leaders have successfully used the Assyrians as a promotional badge to pose as democrats and defenders of human rights. Among the Assyrian general public this propaganda is spread by the so-called Dawronoye Group’s channel Suroyo TV. Interested and informed observers have known all along that this is a truth with modifications. In fact, the expansionary Kurdish ambitions constitute the greatest threat against Assyrians in the Middle East. Assyria is occupied by the KRG and now also by the PKK Syrian branch YPG.

The PKK has long pursued a charm offensive among the Assyrians in the Diaspora, and maintains that it is different from "reactionary tribal leaders" like Barzani. Kurdish leaders and intellectuals often blame the Kurds' participation in the Assyrian genocide Seyfo on the greedy clans. Let us assume that this was the case, that Simko Shikaki who in 1918 murdered his ally Mar Shemun Benyamin was such a clan leader, that Barzani who is believed to be behind the murders of Francis Shabo, Franso Hariri and other Assyrian leaders is such a clan leader.  But Which clan is behind YPG's perfidious murder of the Assyrian leader of the guards in the Khabur? Can we blame this murder on some Kurdish clans?

No, of course not. It all boils down to the Kurdish political movement struggling to create facts on the ground by extending their territorial boundaries in northern Iraq and in Gozarto region in Syria. To succeed, the indigenous population Assyrians must be swept away. This is therefore a classic ethnic cleansing and a chauvinistic approach that violates all democratic principles and respect for human rights.

Kurdish YPG behind the murder of David Jendo

Assyria TV recently interviewed Dr. Sargon Issa from American Mesopotamian Organization, AMO, who names all five Kurdish militiamen from the YPG who on April 22, 2015 killed David Jendo and severely injured his companion Elyas Nasser. Here is the event in brief:

David Jendo and Elyas Nasser were with their comrades in the headquarters of the Khabur Guards in Tel Tammer until 23:30 pm on the night in question. Then they went home to Elyas Nasser to take their night's rest. At midnight, five militiamen from their allies YPG knocked on the door. After having been invited to tea the Kurds asked the Assyrian leaders to go for a secret meeting. The Assyrians wanted to first talk with their friends in the Guards, but the Kurdish militiamen said they had already told them.

As soon as the group got into a minibus the Kurds folded the eyes of David Jendo and Elyas Nasser with the explanation that the meeting was at a secret place. Immediately they directed also weapons against the heads of the Assyrians and tied their hands. They drove away on the main road, turned off, continued about 500 meters in the terrain and shot David Jendo with five shots. He died immediately. Elyas Nasser got four shots; in the mouth, chest, stomach and leg. He fainted. The attackers thought he was dead. They went from there.

When Nasser eventually woke up with his hands tied behind his back, he crawled on his chest the 500 meters to the main road. A passing patrol of Kurdish military police Asayish discovered him. They drove him and the deceased David Jendo to hospitals in Amuda and Qameshlo. According to the information Elyas Nasser provided to AMO, two of the perpetrators are known leaders in YPG and has long harassed the Assyrian guards in Khabur. Kurds demand that the Assyrian guards will submit to YPG. The two leading YPG militiamen are not from Syria and all five carries fictitious name - the same pattern as YPG's errand boys Dawronoye use today. The perpetrators also stole 750,000 Syrian pounds and took all the weapons that were in Elyas Nasser's home.

The information about the murder and the perpetrators' names comes directly from Elyas Nasser. He is not able to speak because of his wounds in the mouth, but from his hospital bed at a secret location, he has been able to write down what happened and named all five Kurdish offenders. Assyria TV has received the information earlier but chose to delay publication until Nasser and his family had arrived in safety. According to relatives YPG tried to silence Elyas Nasser for good at the hospital in Qameshlo and even threatened his family. But all are now in safety.

Soon after the news of the assassination of Jendo came out both YPG and Dawronoye went out and accused ISIS for the murder. On April 30, 2015 AINA reported the following under the headline: Kurds Mourn Assyrian Commander Killed in Syria

“General Command of the Kurdish forces of the People's Protection Units (YPG) said in a statement issued on Wednesday that the Assyrian commander of Haras al-Khabur, David Jendo, was assassinated last week and his companion injured in a terrorist attack in northeaster Syria.

- We in the General Command of the YPG, the Assyrian Military Council and Haras al-Khabur forces consider this crime as a target to all the ethnic and religious groups in the region, especially that the assassination coincided with reviving the anniversary of the Assyrian genocide of Sayfo, the statement read.

- This crime (Jendo's Assassination) coincides with the heroic resistance of our forces in the face of terror (Islamic State IS/ISIS), especially in the villages located around al-Khabur area and the town of Tel Temir, claiming the lives of dozens of heroes, the YPG leadership added.

The YPG leadership emphasized that this crime will not go unpunished, pointing out that a special committee was formed to investigate the assassination operation in order to uncover the truth and bring the perpetrators to justice, taking the necessary measures and actions. Leader of the Syriac Union Party, Hanna Malki, told ARA News:

- We are highly concerned about mass displacements taking place in the province of Hasakah. The IS terrorists and al-Qaeda militants are displacing civilians on basis of ethnic and religious identities."

Syriac Union Party and MFS are brances of Dawronoye. These also pretended to be relatives of the murdered and launched a mourning in Assyrian churches around Europe, in order to collect more money for their "struggle against ISIS". What are they saying now when it has been shown that the killers are their own masters?

The Assyrians are now indignant after all deceit that their "allies" Kurdish leaders have demonstrated. They want to tell the world that the Kurdish people in power are not their patrons. They are their slayers. I have previously noted Barzani’s policy of Kurdification against the Assyrians and illustrated this with a well-known saying among the Assyrians; I have saved your son from the wolves, but I have myself eaten him. If our Kurdish "defenders" intend to eat us, then what is the difference between them and ISIS? This question is posed by both Dr. Sargon Issa from AMO and many other Assyrians today.

AMO is now out with a press release on the assassination in Khabur and through a representative in Washington tries to pay the attention of the US government and the Pentagon on Kurdish organizations' terror against the Assyrian indigenous people of Syria and Iraq. AMO also appeals to the Kurdish public to condemn this terror. "When the Kurds fought in Kobane, we Assyrians cried in solidarity SAVE KOBANE, but now our so-called patrons are expelling us with terrorist methods," Dr. Sargon Issa said to Assyria TV.



  • Lars Nilsson säger:

    Så om YPG ligger bakom detta varför har då Khabour Guards inte sagt någonting om detta och strider fortfarande sida vid sida med YPG?

    Den enda källan detta kommer ifrån är den där amerikanska organisationen, inte från någon annan källa stämmer överrens med den versionen.

    Svar: Bäste Lars,Så väl "Den där amerikanska organisationen" som AssyriaTV har en förstahandskälla för uppgifterna; Elias Nasser som undkom mordförsöket. Han har skrivit ner det inträffade och hans fru har därefter läst upp det i telefon för AMO. Här finns fler detaljer:
    Augin Kurt Haninke

    2015-05-18 | 02:14:31

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