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PYD denies and threatens

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PYD and its Dawronoye-puppet Senharib Barsum deny any abuses against Assyrians.


Kurdish PYD, the daughter organization of PKK, denies any abuses against Assyrians and other Christians, such as confiscation and forced recruitment. Their representative claims that a law is under consideration, but it intends to protect the property of those citizens whom have fled the war. PYD's Dawronoye-puppets agree and claim that they are legitimate representatives of the Assyrians in Gozarto. It seems the Kurdish administration in Syria, after all, is taking a step backwards after the massive criticism on its abuses against Assyrians, Armenians and other ethnic groups. At the same time PYD is threatening the churches which have joined the critics, saying that they should not interfere in political issues.

Saturday, November 7, 2015 Shinko Dibo, an adviser to the PYD's leadership in Syria, made a statement in the Kurdish news agency ANF News (, in which he refutes the criticism that 16 Assyrian and Armenian representatives recently performed against confiscation, forced recruitment, Kurdish curricula and extra taxes. Dibo says about mentioned law, "Özel mülkiyetin korunması konusunda çıkacak olan bir yasanın önceliği the Suryani, Asuri ve Arap halkımızın özel mülklerini korumayı bir Gorev olarak görür".

It means: "The upcoming law prioritizes the protection of private property belonging to our Assyrian and Arab residents as its task," says Dibo and claims that the background to the bill to the local Kurdish Parliament, is due to protection of property of Assyrians and Arabs who had fled ISIS in the areas of Tel Tammer and Tel Hamis. He says that the inhabitants of these areas began to argue about certain properties when they had returned to their villages, after the Kurdish militia had driven back ISIS. Dibo contradicts thereby the press release from the Kurdish Parliament's press service on September 15, which said that the current law of 19 paragraphs had been adopted. This must be a sign of retreat by the Kurdish administration, when arguing that such a law has not been adopted yet.

Shinko Dibo denies any other abuses claimed by the Christians in Gozarto. At the same time he raises a warning finger toward the church representatives who signed the statement. He says that churches should not interfere in politics and he mentions precaution even mosques. It is elected politicians' task to maintain political issues and all communities are represented in the cantonal government, whom are responsible of the new laws, Dibo says in the Turkish version of his statement:

"Kiliselerin ISI, politics konularda Açıklama yapmak değildir. Ayni şey camiler için the geçerlidir. Yönetim konularında zaten halkların seçilmiş temsilcileri was onlar Karar verir. Kantonlarımızda kanunlar tüm halklardan temsilcilerin katılımı ile yapılıyor ". 

Shinko Dibo turns a blind eye to the fact that both the churches and political organizations criticized the Kurdish violations. His statement is as arrogant and misleading like in the case of the assasination of David Jendo. Even at that occasion YPG (the armed militia of PYD) backed when it was convinced, and when a storm of criticism raised against the murder. But they still insisted that it was a matter of dark forces behind, to sow division among different ethnic groups. Now the Kurdish representatives are attacking the issue by belittling the political and cultural organizations which signed the critical statement, while playing secular. When it suits Kurdish representatives go to clergymen to exploit them for political purposes. When the clergymen join critics, they get a warning.

Even the newspaper has come to same conclusion as mine and points out that it is distressing when the PYD-Kurds both deny assaults and threatening at the same time.

The truth is that the 16 organizations and churches which have signed the statement, widely distributed in various languages, are representative of both the Assyrians and Armenians in the area. The only Assyrian organization which attended the meeting but refused to sign, is the puppets of PYD, i.e Dawronoye, whom have several paper organizations. Their representative Senharib Barsum from Syriac Union Party repeated, at the same day, all that Shinko Dibo said. He also states that those in the statement purporting to be representatives of the Assyrians lie when they claim Kurdish abuses. His gols is to portray himself and his group a legitimate representative of all Assyrians in Gozarto. The Kurdish news agency ANHA has published Barsum’s statement titled "Bersûm: Süryanilerin Adı kullanılarak geliştirilen iddialar yalandır" and several Kurdish websites quoted it.

Kurdish PYD is very well aware that Dawronoye is a marginal group among the Assyrians. They have also been told this in various meetings with Assyrian representatives in Sweden and other EU countries. The question is how long this relationship will continue and how long Kurdish representatives will maintain their arrogant behaviour towards other ethnic groups in Gozarto.


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